Grant “Jackson” Nall

Grant grew up in Auburn, Alabama and graduated high school from Trinity Christian School in 2012. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Troy University, graduating with honors in December of 2016. While fulfilling the requirements for his degree, Grant spent a summer internship with Complete Care Chiropractic and found his place on the team in the therapy department. He did so well as an intern that we called him upon graduation and offered to let him work for us again (with pay this time)!

During his internship with us, Grant was given the name “Jackson” because the team couldn’t remember his real name on his first day, but he has since acquired many other titles. In his spare time, Grant enjoys kayaking, anything related to The Office, practicing musical instruments and spending time with his beagle named Beanie. He hopes to continue to thrive with Complete Care Chiropractic and keep helping patients improve their health and well-being.

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer moved to Auburn in 2003 and graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 2005. She is married to Chris and they have one son, Ryan. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, trips to the beach, and her dog, Little Girl. She is passionate about health, nutrition, and creating a less toxic environment for her family.

Kayla Waldrep

Kayla originally came to Dr. Peacock’s office as a patient. She had been suffering from severe migraine headaches that no medical treatment could touch. After a few weeks of Dr. Peacock’s chiropractic protocol, she was feeling much better, he coincidentally needed a new employee, fate spoke, and her talent for clinical office work was discovered!

Complete Care Chiropractic is fortunate to have Kayla as a valued employee. She is the office manager and care coordinator. She has a tremendous work ethic and maintains a strict attention to detail-she’s almost a throw-back to an earlier time in which people did things right just for the sake of doing them right.

Kayla is also very family oriented. She has three younger siblings and loves hanging out at the lake, beach, or the her dad’s pool with her boyfriend Reid and their puppy Jax!

Nylah Cohen

Nylah grew up on a rural family farm in Northeast, Alabama. After graduating from Fyffe high school, Nylah continued her education at Parker University in Dallas, Texas. While at Parker, Nylah earned her bachelors in Biomedical Sciences. Nylah moved to Auburn in 2017 with the intent of being the 7th Auburn alumni in her family. She is currently completing her second bachelor’s degree in secondary science education. Nylah plans to learn everything she can about running a successful chiropractic clinic from Dr. Peacock. Nylah is committed to becoming a chiropractor herself. In her spare time, she enjoys being back home on the farm with her family and friends.